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High school basketball player arrested after sucker punching opponent in handshake line

The 17-year-old was charged with “willful injury.”

A 17-year-old high school basketball player was arrested following a brutal attack in the handshake line following Tuesday night’s game against Nevada High School.

Carter Prenosil, a senior at from Carlisle High School in Carlisle, Iowa, was the player who threw the punches.

It’s unclear what prompted the incident, but there has been speculation that trash talk was occurring between the two throughout the game that boiled over. Video clearly shows Prenosil punching Ty Dittmer of Nevada in the head and stomach, knocking him unconscious. Dittmer would later require stitches, according to KCCI in Iowa. One student who was in attendance said that Dittmer was unconscious for “a good couple minutes” before he was able to was able to leave the court and receive medical attention.

Peronosil was charged with “willful injury” for an “unwarranted punch.” School superintendent Bryce Amos said in a statement to KCCI:

“This is without question an unfortunate incident that is not representative of the school culture that exists in Carlisle Community School District. I want to make it clear that this type of conduct is not tolerated at Carlisle CSD.”

There has been no indication what punishment Prenosil faces from the school district following the legal charges.