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This baller teacher hit a full court shot to earn her class hot chocolate

A video going viral for all the right reasons,

A grade school teacher in Washington D.C. is the hero of her class this week after she drained a huge shot on the playground, earning the kids some hot chocolate.

Ms. Fitz is a schoolyard folk legend after draining this shot with the pressure of so many wide-eyed children hoping for a hot beverage. I’ll admit, this is so heartwarming and delightful — but an evil part of me was kind of hoping she totally bricked it and said “Welp, sorry kids, back to math now.”

The thing about this shot is that conventional wisdom says you should do the opposite. Getting hot chocolate for an entire grade is a heck of an undertaking, so the classic approach would be to say “if I miss this, I’ll get you all hot chocolate,” then if you accidentally hit it, you get it for them anyway to be nice.

So essentially what Ms. Fitz did here was put all the pressure on herself not to botch this shot, with a whole bunch of chocolate-craving kids hanging on every second of this shot, and she still drained the hell out of it.

Coolest teacher ever, with a ludicrously bold way to handle all this. I mean, it’s like KD always said: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take for free hot chocolate.