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The Carolina Disco Turkeys are the newest great logo in sports


A newly announced AAABA team based out on Winston Salem, North Carolina has captured my imagination, my heart, and my love. Everyone, please meet ... THE CAROLINA DISCO TURKEYS!

If you don’t like this logo I don’t trust your taste on anything. The term “Disco turkey” is more or less the “trash panda” of the peacock world, but also doubles as a play on “jive turkey.” A far more interesting way to talk about a peacock without saying it, but really — they couldn’t have phoned in this logo and been mediocre, but the Disco Turkeys don’t settle for mediocrity.

Here you have a decked out, disco, Travolta-esque peacock, with a disco plume, pointing not only like its dancing, but like Babe Ruth calling his shot. It’s goofy, it’s sassy — and I love it so much. A little concerned I was just falling too head over heels for the Disco Turkey, I asked Tyson Whiting, design guru for SB Nation and Secret Base for his opinion on this jive turkey.

“Oh this is dope. Color is great, composition is great. It feels silly but god damn if that face doesn’t mean business. Babe Ruth pointing for the fences AND busting a move.”

I’m really glad Tyson agreed with me, because I’m inherently doubtful of my own taste and like reassurance. Now, all we have to wait for is the hat to be released so I can but one. Right now the only item for sale on their store is a shirt, which admittedly, is also a fire shirt.

I need all the Disco Turkeys merch they make. All of it. I love you, Disco Turkeys.