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Woj dropped an NBA trade in the middle of a live interview because he’s the GOAT

The grind never stops.

Adrian Wojnarowski was on SportsCenter to discuss the trade deadline and ended up dropping an impromptu bomb, because his grind never stops.

The king of multitasking, Woj was glancing down on his phone throughout the interview before casually saying that Detroit was trading Delon Wright to the Kings for Cory Joseph and two second round picks. It’s small potatoes in the scheme of things, but I absolutely love the nervousness from Woj knowing a bomb was coming, even a small one, and jumping on the opportunity to break it live on the air, rather than through Twitter.

In terms of the trade itself, both sides seem pretty happy with the deal. This from Detroit Bad Boys:

The deal allows Detroit to restock its bare second-rounder cupboard a bit and opens up some financial flexibility in the offseason. Joseph’s deal only has $2.4 million guaranteed next season, which is $6 million less than the last year of Wright’s deal.

Not a surprise, but still a bit of a harsh one for fans like me who hoped Wright would be moved to somewhere close to contender status after playing pretty well and having stated he was aiming to play here in Detroit for former coach Dwane Casey.

And on the Kings side from Sactown Royalty:

Wright is another defensive-minded point guard with a questionable jumper. At 6’5, he’s more playable in three-guard lineups than Joseph, but this is still a strange valuation for the Kings considering they have their point guard of the future in De’Aaron Fox and another ball handler in Tyrese Haliburton. Wright is in year two of a three-year deal and is due $8.5 million next season.

For most of us though, this is all about Woj breaking news. People always say “love you job and you’ll never work a day in your life,” well Woj loves nothing more on this earth than being the first to drop his bombs — even if they’re hand grenade sized. It was a fun look into what his day-to-day life is like, because if he’s getting this excited about a small player trade between the Pistons and Kings, imagine what it’s like when he gets a text about a major player moving teams?

Poor dude must be shaking in his boots when those texts come through. But that’s why we love him.