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Ratings for women’s March Madness are through the roof

Show this to anyone who still insists ‘nobody watches women’s basketball.’

Big East Women’s Basketball Tournament - Championship Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

The idea that nobody watches women’s basketball is old, tired, sexist, and now we can add “just plain dumb” to the list. Initial ratings are in from the NCAAW Sweet Sixteen, and it’s proof that while some people might be happy sticking their heads in the sand and plugging their ears, an overwhelming number of people do care, and they’re showing up.

The two premier games of the weekend were major draws on ABC. In fact, this number is actually lower than it should be — especially in UConn vs. Iowa. A viewer noted in the replies to this tweet that a regional cable disputed prevented much of Iowa from watching the game. Granted, Iowa alone isn’t a huge bump, but it’s still a factor to consider in looking at the ratings.

For comparison, NBA games this season have averages 1.06M in ratings this season. This is spread across several cable networks, but still a fascinating jump in the appetite people have to watch women’s college hoops right now.

It’s not just people tuning in, it’s people talking about the game too.

It’s really been an incredible tournament so far. The game between UConn and Iowa was one of the marquee matchups in college basketball this year — period. Paige Bueckers and Caitlin Clark are stars, and watching them go head-to-head was incredible. It helps that NBA players are enjoying, and pushing the sport too — and yes, even get angry like the rest of us over the blown call at the end of UConn vs. Baylor on Monday night.

There’s more to come too. We get two awesome games Tuesday night with Texas vs. South Carolina, and Arizona vs. Stanford. Undoubtably there will be even more eyes tonight, especially after the controversial finish to the Elite Eight on Monday.

Women’s ball is no longer just a sport for enthusiasts. The talent is so vast, and so incredible to watch that you’re only robbing yourself of a great game if you decide not to tune in. The same level of FOMO once reserved for late night Steph Curry games during the Warriors’ heyday is now happening in the NCAA Women’s tournament. So don’t be dumb, don’t miss out — just join in and have a good-ass time doing it.