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The Hornets’ over-enthusiastic announcer is the NBA’s latest internet darling

Give him the mic at the next dunk contest.

The Charlotte Hornets have taken a big step back in national excitement since LaMelo Ball got injured, but there’s still one man bringing the hyper every single night: play-by-play announcer Eric Collins. Collins has gone from regional TV broadcaster to viral sensation this season, all thanks to his child-like glee when it comes to calling big moments.

The latest example came on Sunday evening, when Collins called another big dunk by Miles Bridges.

An overwhelming majority hold the correct opinion on Collins’ commentary: He’s amazing. “Eric Collins is incredible,” a Twitter user said. Another added “Hornets got the best commentator in da league ngl.”

In an era of stuffy, boring announcing where the incredible is often reduced to the mundane, Collins is bringing it every single night for his team, making every big moment feel bigger as a result. The rest of the NBA should take notice. Here is a compilation of some of Collins’ best calls this season:

Collins has been the lead play-by-play announcer for the Hornets since 2015, but the arrival of Ball and Bridges’ aerial acrobatics every week has pushed him into the national consciousness. He brings back the child-like glee we all had watching amazing moments that only NBA athletes can produce, whether it’s a critical game winner, or just a nice shot in the third quarter during a 20-point blowout. It doesn’t matter the context, Eric Collins never met a big play he didn’t like, and wasn’t ready to lose his mind over.

There’s only one clear path now: Eric Collins needs to be an announcer at the dunk contest. I mean, think about it. Here you have a scenario custom built for excitement, and in dire need of someone on the mic who actually seems to lose it about big dunks. No offense to Kenny Smith and the crew, but so often they’re fairly muted when someone throws down a between the legs self-alley oop of the glass. It kinda brings the event down. Insert Eric Collins and I’m pretty sure he’d give himself a heart attack watching the dunk contest, and entertaining us all in the process.

Make it happen.