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This giant go kart crash is giving me ‘Mario Kart’ flashbacks

Everyone is fine, so it’s okay to laugh.

Let’s preface this by saying everyone is okay, nobody was hurt at all — so this is 100 percent fine to laugh at.

The FIA Karting European Championship happened over the weekend, and believe it or not, rain and go karts don’t mix. The super-charged karts were rounding a corner when everyone had the exact same problem of holding on to the curve.

Despite the drama of the crash everyone was fine. No flips, no bad injuries — just a lot of bruised egos and the satisfying video for us all to enjoy.

It immediately made me think of something too, having recently been playing a ton of Mario Kart with my daughter.

Totally, 100 percent accurate. I can attest I’m done exactly this at 200 cc trying to take Morton round a corner, thinking I could drift boost only to see stupid Lakitu come down with a dumb smile on his face to save me. Not that I have baggage, or anything.