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The Nets are so good they’re basically playing street ball

Whoa ...

The Brooklyn Nets took a loose ball and turned it into street ball magic on Sunday night against the Cavaliers.

Let’s be real: This all starts with the astounding pass from Blake Griffin, which, honestly — I didn’t know Blake Griffin could make a pass like this. The Nets had so much confidence that they pulled this off in the second quarter, and it’s normally the kind of thing you’d see in a fourth quarter blowout.

Perhaps the best part of all this is that the refs couldn’t even contain their excitement.

Now, you can clutch pearls about a referee enjoying this play — but, like, they’re only human. If you’re down on the floor and get to see this first hand and don’t have a smile on your face, then I’m not sure you’re even human. So don’t think for a second this influenced the game or something dumb like that, it’s just some refs who love ball, appreciating an incredible moment.

The Sixers might have the No. 1 seed in the east, and deservedly so, but this play is on a whole other level. I’ll be back after I pick my jaw up off the floor.