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Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are going head-to-head in ‘The Match’ golf tournament

Brady is looking for revenge after losing to Peyton Manning.

Tom Brady is returning to The Match, a made-for-TV golf tournament which pits a PGA Tour pros and with famous quarterbacks on the course. After 2020, which raised $20M for Covid relief, the 2021 tournament will aid Feeding America, and several other charities.

It’s no surprise that Brady is returning to The Match after playing Peyton Manning in 2020, but this year his opponent will be Aaron Rodgers. I’m sure this was booked well ahead of time, but it’s wild to see how much TV the Packers QB is doing this year. First Jeopardy!, now this, all while dealing with major issues in Green Bay and reportedly wanting out.

Last year’s edition featured Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, but due to Woods’ injury he’s been replaced with Bryson DeChambeau. Brady and Phil didn’t have much luck a year ago, losing to Tiger and Peyton, but they’re hoping for a better performance in 2021.

Rodgers is no slouch on the course. He’s often talked about his love for the game, even saying in a 2019 interview with that his best handicap is a 3.5, and while he’d never presume he could go pro, he is among the better golfers in the NFL. For what it’s worth, Brady’s noted handicap is an 8 — but Rodgers was dubious of that.

“I don’t think Brady’s an 8. I’ve played with him, and he’s good. I’ve played with all of those guys. Tony’s a great player. Matt and I — I’ve beat him a couple of times, he’s beat me a couple of times.”

The Match debuts on July 6 on TNT. It’s going to be good, dumb fun.