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This woman actually fought off a bear to protect her dogs

Sorry to my dogs, who I would not do this for.

I love my dogs, but even I don’t think I’d fight a momma bear with by bare hands to protect them. Sorry guys.

This video of a woman fighting off a momma bear is going viral after she went after the animal, taking a stroll on her back wall with her cubs. Why were they walking along a wall? I have no idea. I’m not going to question a bear’s motives, though. The dogs, in a terrific display of dog-like stupidity, decided that protecting their strip of concrete and gravel was some how worth TRYING TO ATTACK A BEAR, before needing to be bailed out by their human.

Thank goodness the bears, dogs and the human are all okay, because this could have been a bloodbath.

It makes me think about the complicated relationship we have with the bear, nature’s most terrifying apex predator. Our kids cuddle with stuffed ones, we made Paddington 2 one of the best-reviewed movies of all time. We also watch Leonardo DiCaprio get his ass torn up by one in The Revenant. Sometimes we even fight them in our back yard. For the record, I’m too much of a coward to protect my dogs against a bear. I have two chihuahuas, and honestly, if they messed with a bear (and they would, because they’re idiots with Napoleon complexes), then they’re on their own.

Sorry, not sorry.