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This is the greatest shot in disc golf history

Absolutely incredible.

Here’s your weekly aspiration if you hit the course on the weekend for a round of disc golf.

James Conrad was trying to keep his chances alive in the Disc Golf World Championship in Utah when he hauled back and drilled 247 foot birdie to force the event to a playoff. Conrad would go on to win the event, all on the back of this incredible shot.

I don’t care what your opinions are on disc golf as a sport, this is impressive as hell. Go to the beach and see people tossing a frisbee, and half the time they struggle to throw accurately 15 feet away. This was almost 20 times the distance, with a hook to get it around a stand of trees.

The shot, and the event was enough to move Conrad to 6th in the world rankings, up from the 10th spot. While rankings are fleeting, having what’s being regarded as the greatest shot in history isn’t — and he had that forever. Until someone finds a way to do better.