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Arizona State scored a run off a pitch that landed in the umpire’s pocket

What the ...

It’s pretty rare we get to see a pitch that’s both completely inaccurate, and THE MOST ACCURATE PITCH OF ALL TIME in one moment, but here we are.

The Sun Devils were in a battle with Fairfield to keep their season alive when the most incredible moment of the season happened. The pitcher fired high, missing the catcher’s glove and becoming perfectly lodged in the umpire’s pocket. Everyone was so confused, with the catcher running around trying to find the ball that was sitting comfortably in a pocket.

How does this result in a go-ahead run? Well, the ball was called a wild pitch, and dead ball at the same time. Which would normally put it up to umpire discretion, however, there’s also a rule that states if a live ball becomes lodged in an official’s clothing it results in runners advancing.

The wild result of all this was Arizona State going up 7-6, before eventually losing and seeing their season end. However, they may have gained even something more special. This incredible moment.

I love it so much.