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Baseball’s socially distanced GLOVE CAR is the best vehicle of the Olympics

All hail GLOVE CAR!

The Tokyo Olympics are using all sorts of new, innovative ways to protect athletes from the risks of Covid 19. This means masks after track races and swimming races, ample hand sanitizer everywhere — and when it comes to baseball, GLOVE CAR!

GLOVE CAR is the Toyota-built baseball vehicle of the future. It’s being used to shuttle pitchers from the bullpen to the mound, so they don’t need to walk close to players and staff. It’s like a golf cart and a cheesy man cave consummated their relationship months before the game, and this was the product.

I love it, and we need to have it in every baseball game.

I mean, look at this thing. Not only is it a GLOVE CAR, but it displays fun words of encouragement on the front like “GO! GO! GO!” Who can’t get behind that kind of message? It even has a little baseball field on it, which is a lovely addition that really gives strong race car bed vibes.

I love you GLOVE CAR, and Toyota, if you make this available for purchase I will trade in my current vehicle for it, and suffer the criticism later.