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The 10 worst ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ attempts, ranked

When can a fall become a work of art?

My week has been utterly dominated by ‘The Milk Crate Challenge.” I discovered the trend over the weekend, wrote about why I love it so much earlier this week, and now it’s become my guilty little pleasure, like rewarding yourself with a square of chocolate when you do something well.

Do some work ... watch a clip. Clean the kitchen ... watch a clip or two. Get the laundry washed, folded and put away ... I’m watching several clips. The best thing about ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ videos is that they never get old. I know as soon as I click I’m going to be rewarded by someone plummeting off a rickety tower of plastic, I just don’t know what form it’ll take.

So, as someone who has watched an overabundance of Milk Crate Challenge vids I’d like to share my favorites.

No. 1: The perfect video

This is the quintessential Milk Crate Challenge. It’s not overly complex, there are no wrinkles — it’s just a brilliant example of the art form. When my dude eats it and falls back-first onto the crates his spine has the perfect amount of bend. I love everything about it.

No. 2: The terrible form

People are trying to decode how you successfully complete the challenge, and it seems to be most about weight distribution. One foot on each crate is the ideal, and this man showed why putting both feet on one crate is bad. Another back bending ending, which I’ve noticed is my preferred wipeout.

No. 3: Pure hubris

Don’t run up the crates. Don’t jump off the top of the crates.

No. 4: A true work of art

A little editing makes a world of difference.

No. 5: The chest crusher

I broke my sternum in high school and this brought back memories for all the wrong reasons.

No. 6: The ultimate

I don’t know why these people went for a mega milk crate stack, or why they thought thing rubber work mats would provide fall protection. Both were terrible ideas and I feel badly for this man.

No. 7: The wobbler

This poor guy never stood a chance. He was wobbling almost from the jump, and you know immediately there is no way he’s finishing this.

No. 8: Sabotage

Never ever trust kids.

No. 9: The crate skipper

It takes a lot of gall to think you’re going to beat the challenge by skipping the top crate. If you try this you deserve the outcome.

No. 10: The gender reveal

This feels extremely staged, fake, and not very well done. Congrats on procreating, I guess.