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This French hammer thrower is the biggest Bigot at the Olympic games

I think something’s lost in translation.

The Olympics are a chance to get to know athletes we wouldn’t otherwise. Their lives, their stories, sometimes their unfortunate last names that get lost in translation. That’s a very specific issue I know, but it was all too real for Quentin Bigot this weekend.

Bigot is going to be competing in the finals of the hammer throw on Saturday.

This whole situation makes me remember watching the USA men’s basketball team at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. There was a similar situation with a last name that was ... shall we say, lost in translation a little. An forward, born in Slovenia, playing for Italy. His name was ...

Gregor Fučka

Fučka immediately became a crowd favorite from the second he was introduced. I watched as Gary Payton and Antonio McDyess almost died laughing on the court when they saw his jersey.

Every time he touched the ball the raucous, predominantly Australian crowd would yell “NICE ONE FUCKA!” “GET ‘EM YOU FUCKA!” to the delight of everyone in attendance, and I presume the confusion of Gregor Fučka, who wondered why he had some many new fans that day.

Good memories. Anyway, best of luck to Quentin Bigot in the finals.