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This unfortunate cricket player got hit in the nuts twice, in a row

The world’s most unlucky athlete.

When you have your much-deserved drink after work today, please remember to pour one out today for Alex Hales’ testicles. The English cricketer is making international headlines on Monday after video emerged of him being hit in the nuts. Not once, but twice — in a row.

The 32-year-old batsman was trying to will the Trent Rockets to victory, chasing a run target when tragedy struck. A bouncing ball, traveling at over 80 miles per hour, careened right into his undercarriage. Hales collapsed in a heap, as one does, while the crowd roared with laughter at his plight. Showing absolutely zero sympathy, an Oval Invincibles player stood over him, making the whole moment even more humiliating.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Finally returning to his feet after being checked on by medical staff, Hales returned to the crease to a mocking heroes welcome. Ready to put the whole embarrassing moment behind him, Hales prepared to bat and then ... BOOM!

Another pitch, another bounce straight into his groin. I don’t know the odds of this happening, but it has to be in the one-in-a-million range, or something similarly preposterous.

So, no matter how bad the start to your week is, always remember: At least you’re not Alex Hales.