The Dallas Fort-Worth  metroplex is one of the more happening and interesting spots throughout all of the United States. There is always something to do and always something to see, plus from a weather perspective — it generally offers a bit of everything, especially some classic fall feels during football season. Texas barbecue is undefeated, but there is also a wide variety of cuisines worth exploring, too, including Tex-Mex and monster-sized steaks. Dallas has them all. And to top it off, it also boasts one of the most impressive stadiums in the country in Arlington, just 20 miles west of downtown Dallas.

What to Eat

Pecan Lodge

If you want to feel like you are really in Texas then this is definitely the spot for you. Family-owned Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum has a variety of barbecue options that range from traditional styles, all the way to hamburgers and French fries. Plus all of their sides are awesome and worth exploring. You have to realize that you aren’t going to stick to your diet when you are here — vacations aren’t meant for that anyway — but anything that is slow roasted is worth the price of admission alone. Many consider it the must-stop attraction foodwise in the DFW area.

Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ

If it isn’t obvious — barbecue is a Texas thing, regardless of what anyone from anywhere else tells you. Sometimes you want to taste the smoke in your barbecue and Lockhart Smokehouse is the place to go if that is the case (although the Pecan Lodge is a worthy competitor in its own right). Prepare to feel full, satisfied, and even have a sense of accomplishment when you dine here, that’s just how life at Lockhart tends to go. Just don’t expect to stay clean because the process is an experience to say the least. Lockhart is the only place in all of DFW where you can find Kreuz Market Sausage, with the juicy ⅓-pound links made from a 110-year-old recipe.

Biggest tourist attraction

Dallas Museum of Art

I’ve always felt that seeing a city’s art is important to get a feel for what makes the place unique. There is an enormous amount of history to Dallas Fort-Worth (both sports and otherwise), and it is very much worth exploring. People don’t tend to realize that DFW is on the same level as the average metropolis but it is huge and the history of it expands rather wide. Checking out the Dallas Museum of Art offers a peek at what Dallas is, was, and hopefully will be in the future. Originally opened in 1903, the DMA is actually one of the 10 largest art museums in the country so well worth a visit. 

Under the radar attraction

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Learning can be fun if it happens in the right way and that is certainly the case at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The exhibits are fascinating and great for families or groups to attend and experience together. It can be a bit of a full day with all of the activities that they have available so make sure to plan accordingly, but you won’t regret your time spent here. Make sure to dress comfortably because you’ll be doing a lot of walking and that can be tiring! Be sure to check out the Sports Hall, where you test your sprint speed against a T-Rex, cheetah or NFL running back, and train like an athlete in the Motion Lab. 

Game day experience

There is no place in the NFL like AT&T Stadium in Arlington, but Jerry’s World can be an intimidating experience if you have never been before. It is generally difficult to stay anywhere within walking distance so Uber might be your best bet. If you are parking, then Silver Lot 1 is the smart choice and generally not the most expensive thing. There are plenty of people tailgating and lots of sights to see with Six Flags Over Texas theme park and the new Texas Rangers ballpark right next door. Take your time exploring the area and make sure to take a lot of pictures!