Green Bay is unique not only in terms of the NFL but in all of professional sports. Where else can you find a stadium nestled right in the middle of an idyllic Midwestern city? A team that’s owned by the fans? Cheesehead hats and green and gold as far as the eye can see? Players Lambeau Leaping in the end zone? There is no sports experience like this anywhere else in America, and it’s a testament to an age in sports that has long since passed … except at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the oldest continually operating stadium in the NFL.

What to Eat


Ask any Packers fan where you should eat and Kroll’s West is likely to be at — or near — the top of the list. The fare is pure Wisconsin: cheese curds, burgers, and some of the best chocolate shakes anywhere in the state. The fact that you can likely see Lambeau Field from your seat as you eat just makes it that much more of a memorable experience for Packers fans. They’ve got a full bar, it’s the perfect spot to take in a game if you don’t have tickets, and you can even let Krolls handle your tailgate fare if you are headed to the game — all of their menu items are available for takeout, including gallons of soup and chili.

Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant

Besides Krolls, Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant is the newest culinary addition to the area surrounding the stadium (called simply Titletown) where you can sample some of the best beer Green Bay has to offer. It’s a great spot to enjoy some local craft beer, fresh fish delivered daily from Honolulu, Seattle, and Portland, Maine, and a wide variety of culinary offerings everyone can enjoy. Swing through to watch a Packers game with fellow fans and enjoy their Home Game menu, or come after the game for some cold ones and their Home Game Late Night menu. 

Biggest tourist attraction

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame & Museum

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame inside Lambeau Field and the stadium itself obviously get the top billing for tourists. You can sit in a replica of Vince Lombardi’s office while also waxing nostalgic about Packers teams of the past. 

Also take a stadium tour if you can, especially in the winter, as crazy as that sounds. Experiencing the Frozen Tundra at field level in January and looking into the end zone that Bart Starr dove into to win the Ice Bowl will give you chills that have nothing to do with the temperature.

Under the radar attraction

Bay Beach Amusement Park

The National Railroad Museum is legitimately underrated, but if there’s one place locals swear by that many out of town people are unaware of, it’s Bay Beach Amusement Park. It’s no Six Flags, but it’s super easy on the wallet and fun for the whole family. Thehe crown jewel is the Zippin Pippin wooden roller coaster, one of the oldest existing roller coasters in the United States and a favorite of Elvis Presley when it was still located at Libertyland in Memphis. The coaster was relocated to Green Bay in 2010, where it’s been enjoyed by over a million riders.

Game day experience

In Green Bay, everyone is your friend on game day even if they’re wearing the opponent’s colors. Any fan of a rival team that has come to Lambeau Field for a game almost always returns home singing the praises of the people of Green Bay, saying how nice and welcoming they are.

Strangers will often share a beer and a brat with you — very soon those strangers become your newest friends. 

In terms of parking, there’s no shortage of it, but be prepared to walk. Residents of homes surrounding the stadium will open their front and backyards to guests for parking but prices are always reasonable and the people are very friendly. It’s just another part of Green Bay’s unique charm.