The Tampa Bay Buccaneers began their franchise history back in 1976. The team has always been known for their creamsicle and white colors, with flamboyant pirate named “Bucco Bruce” as the logo. The Glazer family purchased the franchise in 1995 and invested in the organization by changing its mindset and culture. Under the Glazers, Tampa Bay finally had a winning franchise, securing the team’s first ever Super Bowl in 2002. 

The city of Tampa is unique due to its location and history. Top-rated beaches are within a half hour’s drive while people from across the country make the Tampa area their second home every summer. It’s filled with cultural history like the cigar industry, which played a major role in Cuban cigars production in factories that are still up today from the late 1800s. Its culture is deeply rooted thanks to the Cubans and Italians who made Tampa their home then.

What to Eat

Jackson’s Bistro

Jackson’s Bistro has been a staple in Tampa since 1997. A waterfront venue in Harbour Island, customers enjoy not just the scenic views across the water and Downtown Tampa, but also award-winning food and live entertainment.

Armature Works

On the other side of Downtown Tampa is Armature Works. The building is an old warehouse that was used back in the early 1900s for streetcar and trolley maintenance. It is now the home of fantastic food and entertainment. Armature Works has over 15 restaurants to choose from, which allows flexibility for whatever it is you may be in the mood for.

Biggest tourist attraction

Clearwater Beach

Aside from the many beaches one can visit while in Tampa, Clearwater Beach is by far the biggest attraction in Tampa Bay. This beach is known for its crystal clear water and soft white sandy shores. Along the Main Street that lines the beach are plenty of restaurants, shops, and attractions like boat tours and activities. Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach provides plenty of entertainment for the family.

Under the radar attraction

Ybor City

Ybor City, while certainly known to locals, is not known by many who come to visit Tampa. Located in the center of the city with parks that pay tribute to Tampa’s history as well as its culture with traditional buildings like the late 1800s cigar factory. There are plenty of shops, bars, night clubs, and restaurants to choose from along 22nd Avenue in Ybor. And while there, folks can tour the underground tunnels that are still around where alcohol used to be smuggled through and that Italian crime bosses used for their drug trafficking.

Game day experience

Raymond James Stadium is the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Parking is plentiful near and around the stadium, where even homeowners in nearby neighborhoods traditionally open their yards up for fans to park. The stadium has a lot used specifically for rideshare services to pick up and drop off fans attending the game. Tailgating begins hours ahead of kickoff with several fan clubs hosting tailgate parties, while families and friends tend to also make it fun for themselves by bringing their grills, games and footballs to toss around. But it doesn’t end there, as lining the stadium there is live music and a team-sponsored experience for fans of all ages in the parking lot.