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There is no way this goal should’ve been allowed but the rules are a bit murky about interference

What is interference? What is a non-human object? What is life, really?

Soccer referees are lazy. There, I said it. How hard is it to have someone remove a beach ball or balloon from the pitch before it impacts the game? Ok, technically, they’re just following the rules, but we can only blame the rules so many times. Just be a human with free will and sort it out before it actually impacts the game.

Unfortunately for Liverpool and Manchester City, that didn’t happen. Balloons and beach balls have invaded pitches and impacted games in ways that just don’t make sense. The rule book even has a section covering what to do when non-human objects invade, which maybe we should be thankful for because that meant this video could be made. I suppose I’m now torn on how I feel about this in the name of content...

Anyway, if you want to feel better about your decision-making skills, this video is for you. Subscribe to Secret Base on YouTube for more, tell all your friends to do the same, and we’ll see you soon.