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The Seahawks’ improbable 2014 NFC Championship finish against the Packers deserves a deep rewind

At this point I think the Packers just like blowing NFC Championship leads...

99.3 percent out of a hundred is about as close to certainty as you can possibly get. That was the win probability percentage that projected for the Green Bay Packers during the fourth quarter of the 2014 NFC Championship against the Seattle Seahawks. Leading by two scores with less than five minutes remaining, Green Bay certainly looked like they were heading to the Super Bowl. The thing about football though, is that nothing is ever guaranteed until the clock hits triple zeros.

So while Green Bay was very close to advancing to the big game, they ended up finding themselves with their back against the ropes in overtime. I could tell you exactly what led to the Seahawks’ miraculous comeback but what’s the fun in that? To truly understand the magnitude of this moment, you have to know the strange history between these two teams, how a quarterback who was doubted before entering the league is in a position to lead his team to back-to-back Super Bowls, and how an undrafted free agent became a Seattle hero. To do all of that, we gotta rewind.