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The NHL All-Star Game 2022 will feature a blackjack skills contest perfect for Vegas

This might be the best skills contest ever.

The NHL All Star game is in Las Vegas this year, and normally I’m not a fan of pointless nods to the host city — but this one is absolutely amazing.

This is a screenshot from NHL 22, but it highlights the plan for the real skills competition. Taking place outside on the Vegas strip, players will attempt to snipe down cards in order to hit 21 in the least number of shots. It’s an incredible twist on the classic accuracy contest that not only is the perfect nod to the city in a way that makes sense, but it makes a skill competition even more fun.

If the card layout on the screenshot is accurate then there will be a lone ace in order to hit blackjack in two shots. It’s high center right, making it difficult — but not impossible. What makes this all so compelling is that there’s a ton of potential strategy involved in making an optimal hand. If you’re not confident in hitting the ace, maybe there’s a face card, a seven and a four you like to hit it in three. I’m a sucker for anything that adds an element of game theory to an already established contest.

In addition to the blackjack skills challenge there will also be a faceoff contest in the middle of the Bellagio fountain. I’m kind of in love with all of this.