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Tennessee politician apologizes for trying to pants referee during high school basketball game

Well, okay then.

A high-ranking state official is in hot water in Tennessee this week after video emerged of him trying to pants a referee while become enraged during a high school basketball game.

Rep. Jeremy Faison, who is a House Republican Caucus chairman, was seen on video arguing with a referee during a game between Providence Academy and Lakewood Christian Academy, when he appeared to try and pull the pants down of the referee when his back was turned. Faison was ejected from the game for his actions, and took to Twitter on Tuesday night to apologize for his actions.

“Totally lost my junk” is a curious turn of phrase for an adult trying to pants another adult like they’re a pubescent child, but nonetheless, this was an apology. The thing I just can’t get past with this is how anyone defaults to “I’m going to pants that dude” while processing their anger.

On the one hand it’s obviously preferably to punching someone or trying to enact physical harm, but it’s extremely bizarre to have this be your go-to. It seems to exist only to shame another person, and it’s especially weird over something as innocuous as a call you disagree with.

Faison is doing his best to move past the pantsing incident, which is probably what anyone would do for trying to attempt something so dumb.