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The end of Vikings-Bills was a beautiful, chaotic, stressful mess

Football is a game of inches

The time tested adage always goes, “football is a game of inches.” In Buffalo on Sunday, the Bills and Vikings were the epitome of football being a game with the margins being as small as an inch.

Let’s rewind. The Vikings are driving with the ball after two insane catches by Justin Jefferson. Jefferson makes one more catch, and it looks like he gets into the end zone, but his knee falls down one yard short of the end zone.

The Vikings and the Bills lined up for fourth and goal, and it looked like Vikings RB Dalvin Cook was going to walk into the end zone, but dropped the pass. HOWEVER, Bills DT Jordan Phillips was offsides, so they redid the down.

Then, Vikings QB Kirk Cousins attempted to sneak it in from the one inch yard line, but ended up just one inch short. The Bills defensive line stepped up and made a huge play after the offsides call.

THE PLOT THICKENS! The Bills get the ball on their own one yard line, and attempt to sneak it just to get out of their own endzone to kneel and get out of the stadium with a win. HOWEVER, Josh Allen fumbled the snap in the endzone and the Vikings fell on it, scoring a touchdown and taking a 30-27 lead with about 40 seconds left. Allen simply just flubbed the ball, and the Vikings fell on it in the end zone. Football is a game of inches, man.

BUT WE’RE NOT DONE YET! Allen led the Bills back down the field to tie the game, and the teams are going into overtime as we speak.

Football is amazing, this win probability chart looks like an EKG.

Let’s see what they have in store for overtime.