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Our expert NFL picks for Week 11 of 2022

Plus, a Week 10 punishment PERFECT for the Chargers fan who finished last.

Everything that goes around, comes around. That was the story of Week 10 among our NFL experts.

A perennial top-picker, Michael Peterson, felt the dagger of defeat as he fell into last place for the first time this season. Michael has been one of the best pickers across all media networks, but unpredictability reared it’s head once more.

Carolina beating Atlanta, the Commanders besting the Eagles — it was a mess to pick last week. So, as is customary, there was a punishment Tweet courtesy of our winner Debbie Emery.

We received the perfect punishment for a Chargers fan.

When we look at Week 11 it SHOULD be a little more straightforward. The trap game feels like Raiders vs Broncos, because I don’t know who actually wants to win out of these teams. On the other end of the spectrum there are some tougher games to pick like Dallas vs Minnesota and Chiefs vs Chargers, which could be end up being total tossups.

Let’s see how this week goes…