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A Cardinals rookie asked JJ Watt for a jersey while high as a kite after dental surgery

J.J. Watt shared an incredible story about a message from rookie LB Jesse Kuketa

NFL: Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

J.J. Watt shocked the NFL world when he announced earlier this week that he was retiring at the end of the season. While Watt has battled injuries throughout his career — including a heart incident at the start of the 2022 season — the defensive lineman is still playing at a high level. Watt has 9.5 sacks this season, his highest amount since 2018, when he was with the Houston Texans.

After sending out a message on social media that Monday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was both his son’s first NFL game, and his last home game, Watt put his phone aside. Watt knew that it was about to blow up with calls, texts, and messages.

But somebody really wanted to get in touch with him.

Rookie linebacker Jesse Luketa.

Luketa tried to FaceTime Watt, and then left a voice memo for him. But Watt did not have Luketa’s number saved in his phone, so he did not answer the FaceTime. Then, when he listened to the voice memo, he noticed a problem.

We’ll let Watt take it from here:

The reboot of ‘David After Dentist” goes pretty hard.

Hopefully Luketa has recovered from dental surgery by the time Watt gives him that signed jersey. The football world awaits video of the exchange.