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The Thunder pulled off the funniest shot clock violation of all time

Give this 24 seconds of your time.

For 24 magical seconds in third quarter, Thunder guard Ty Jerome decided to put the game in his hands. The result wasn’t a magical buzzer beater, or a play that made national TV, but instead the most pointless possession of the season.

Jerome did something as impressive as anything I’ve seen in basketball by doing absolutely nothing at all. Dude just took the ball, forget the four other guys he was playing with, and had himself a moment on the court. A leisurely stroll, and nice little trip down the hardwood. A chance to soak in the moment and appreciate playing in the NBA. We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time.

On the flipside I feel bad for every other player on the Thunder. They were desperately trying to find paths to the bucket, splitting the D, waiting for their opportunity — only to see Jerome refuse to do one of the most basic job requirements of basketball and actually pass the ball.

Maybe his brain just fell out? We’ll never know — but this was one of the funniest things of the season.