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Rams’ Taylor Rapp proposed to his girlfriend during the Super Bowl celebration

This is the only good public proposal.

The smartest man in Los Angeles tonight is Rams safety Taylor Rupp. Not only did he win a Super Bowl ring, but he got to give a ring out as well.

I say this is smart, because timing is everything. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s Day proposals are cheesy, so are public proposals — but I’ll allow it when it comes right after winning the damn Super Bowl.

So he avoided the whole mess of the Valentine’s Day proposal, still made a memory that will last forever, and he managed to roll all his major celebrations in one. Now he can have a glass of champagne with his future wife, then go and party for the next 18 hours with the team, and still make it back in time for a nice dinner on Valentine’s, without the pressure of proposing tomorrow.

When it comes to the greatest nights in your life, this one has to be absolutely unparalleled. Congratulations to Taylor Rapp and his fiancee!