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The Washington Commanders did everything wrong with their renaming rollout

Of course Washington would do this.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but today we must bid farewell to the Washington Football Team. Moving forward the NFL will have the “Washington Commanders,” with the official rebrand coming on Wednesday morning. Of course, I say “official rebrand,” because this was naturally completely hamfisted in a way only Washington would pull off.

It started Tuesday night when a weather copter outside of FedEx Field spotted the new name through a window — which hadn’t been hidden at all.

This was followed with reports the team store was being stocked with Commanders gear, which can’t really be avoided — but others teams have managed to hide it in the past. It’s okay though, because the next morning things were going to take a few more turns.

First there was the announcement video, which somehow decided it was okay to use and show the old, racist nickname on several occasions.

Then we had the uniforms, which people almost universally hate for taking a perfectly fine design, and turning it into something that looked like a high school.

We also have to pause for a second here to discuss how confusing the team’s new crest is. Along with the jerseys and the name came a new logo and a new badge — but the badge is confusing beyond belief.

There are five years listed, 1937, 1942, 1983, 1988, and 1992. These are the years of their championships, except not really. The years 1937 and 1942 make sense, the team did indeed win inside of those years — but it was back when the championship game was played in December, so it all made sense. That changed with the advent of the Super Bowl, with a season drifting into the following year.

Still, nobody typically refers to when the game was actually won to define the champion, it’s the season the Super Bowl represented — hell, even Washington’s own Super Bowl rings list their years as 1982, 1987 and 1991.

Maybe we can look past this though. Washington found a cool new phrase to unite everyone: “Take Command,” and ... uh oh.

If there is a cohesive brand to everything Washington does, it’s screwing up. Two years of ruminating and planning this name change and things went so poorly. Look, we’ll all forget about this day in a year and go back to business as usual, but for today we can keep laughing at Dan Snyder — because any day is a good day to laugh at Dan Snyder.