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Watch a high school gym erupt after a blind basketball player makes a shot

This is the sports story we need.

Jules Hoogland’s goal was to hit a shot during her senior year. Just one shot. Every kid dreams of making a huge basket that causes the gym to erupt as they become a hero to their classmates — but for this 17-year-old it’s more difficult than you’d expect.

That’s because Jules Hoogland is blind.

Hoogland plays for Zeeland East Unified Sports in Michigan, a team focused on providing opportunities to students with special needs. The final game of the season took place on Tuesday, with over 2,500 fans packing the Zeeland East gym.

Late in the game Hoogland was given a chance to make a shot. A paraprofessional provided assistance, using a pole to strike the post behind the glass to signal to Jules where to shoot. Then, on her first attempt, she banked it home — the crowd absolutely losing it and making Hoogland into a sports hero for a night.

Moments like this are what sports are all about.