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A literal apple became a pro wrestling champion


An ordinary, unremarkable red apple scored a stunning win on Friday, in what has to be the first documented instance of a piece of produce holding a pro wrestling title.

This comes from Japan’s DDT Pro, which should be noted is a comedy wrestling company. DDT Pro’s “Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title” is the most prolifically contested and defended belt in wrestling history, with over 1,500 different title holders including school children, a donkey, a ladder and two different steel chairs. The belt was also the champion of itself at one point.

So, on Friday the champion Lingling was asked to crush an apple with her bare hand. Unfortunately it was too difficult, and after some serious attempts she said “I can’t do it, I give up.” A referee overheard the admission of defeat and sprinted in, declaring apple the winner by submission.

Sadly, it was a short-lived reign for the fruit. Wrestler Antonio Honda immediately challenged the apple, taking a bite out of it before pinning apple and becoming the new Iron Man Heavymetalweight champion.

However, for two glorious minutes this apple was a winner. A champion unlike any other. A true legend. Bravo apple.