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Japanese baseball manager ‘Big Boss’ pulled out a hovercraft for his latest intro


The mystique and beauty of baseball manager BIG BOSS continues in Japan with his latest arrival to lead the Hokaiddo Nippon-Ham Fighters onto the field. This time he basically flew through the air on a drone, because of course he did.

Firstly: I didn’t know this was a thing. It’s equal parts amazing and terrifying. I’d love to fly though the air, but I also know I’d be screaming in horror pretty much the entire time, convinced I was about to crash into the ground.

Of course, I’m not BIG BOSS. BIG BOSS fears nothing, and everything fears BIG BOSS because I’m convinced he can just control his surroundings with his mind and sheer will power alone, meaning that if somehow this drone engine failed he’s still just float along on a cloud of his own psychic power like Jean Grey of the X-Men.

If you missed the debut of BIG BOSS it’s okay, because here he is emerging from a box wearing a light-up jersey.

I love you BIG BOSS.