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Nike’s AFC Richmond jerseys from ‘Ted Lasso’ finally appear to be coming


After almost two years of begging, it finally seems like Nike is ready to give the people what they want. On Monday morning we got a glimpse of what could be a kit for AFC Richmond from Ted Lasso, which we can only assume will make its way to sale soon.

Whether you’re someone who loves Ted Lasso, or hates it because people won’t stop talking about it — there’s no doubt that having more things for people to enjoy is good, and getting official AFC Richmond kits is good. Even as someone who generally loathes wearing jerseys outside of going to a game, I’ve got to say that I’d buy one of these.

The signature red and blue kit is complete with a sponsorship from “Bantr,” the fake dating site on the show that (spoiler alert) led Rebecca to connect with Sam Obisanya. The “Believe” wording on the front is a touch cheesy, and it’s my hope we don’t see that in the finished product — but otherwise it’s spot on.

Now the hard part is deciding which player I’d get. Sam is an obvious choice, because he is a delight — but man, so is Danny Rojas or even Jamie Tartt, who really established himself as a wonderfully deep character in season two.

Honestly though, my real dream is to see this transcend the show. Could you imagine anything better than hundreds of fans showing up at a real-life West Ham United game in AFC Richmond gear to boo Nate (the treasonous coward)?