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The Masters 2022: Purse, payout and prize information

Here’s how much everyone will make at Augusta on Sunday.

Syndication: USA TODAY Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Masters began on Thursday, and we’re on the verge of someone winning the most sought-after prize in golf. Competing at Augusta has never really been about the money, but earning the coveted green jacket, joining a very exclusive club of past winners.

Of course, money is really nice too, and on Saturday the Augusta National Golf Club announced a record $15M purse, a significant rise over last year’s $11.5M total pool. This represents $2.7M for the winner, and at least $37,800 each for everyone who made the cut.

As of Sunday morning we’re in for a dramatic day, as the Unites States’ Scottie Scheffler holds a three stroke lead. However, he shot -1 on Saturday, while Australia’s Cameron Smith was on fire — shooting -4 on the day and pushing into second place. If Sunday duplicates round 3 then we’re in for a very interesting afternoon.

It’s important to note though that not everyone who competes will be paid. The six amateurs entering the field this year were ineligible for a prize. In addition, anyone who failed to make the cut also did not receive any prize money. Outside of the winner everyone who made the cut will receive funds on a sliding scale, dividing up the purse between them.

1st: $2.7M
2nd: $1.62M
3rd: $1.02M
4th: $720K
5th: $600K
6th: $540K
7th: $502K
8th: $465K
9th: $435K
10th: $405K
11th: $375K
12th: $345K
13th: $315K
14th: $285K
15th: $270K
16th: $255K
17th: $240K
18th: $225K
19th: $210K
20th: $195K
21st: $180K
22nd: $168K
23rd: $156K
24th: $144K
25th: $133K
26th: $120K
27th: $115K
28th: $111K
29th: $106K
30th: $102K
31st: $98K
32nd: $93K
33rd: $89K
34th: $85K
35th: $81K
36th: $77K
37th: $74K
38th: $71K
39th: $68K
40th: $65K
41st: $62K
42nd: $59K
43rd: $56K
44th: $53K
45th: $50K
46th: $47K
47th: $44K
48th: $41K
49th: $39K
50th: $38K

It’s remarkable to look back at how the payout for The Masters have changed over the years. In 1934 the winner took home $1,500 (roughly $32,000 today), and didn’t reach $1M until 2001. Since that point the payouts have exploded, with the winner now earning $2.7M.