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This British stadium cheeseburger is one of the worst food items I’ve ever seen

How was this allowed to exist?

Spare a thought for our friends across the pond the next time you complain about getting a dry, lackluster hot dog at a ballpark — because they have to endure stuff like this.

The Twitter account “Footy Scran” is dedicated to chronicling the best (and worst) food at soccer stadiums around the world, and this truly horrific burger from Leeds United defies belief. I’ve been staring at this for over 30 minutes, and still can’t work out exactly what went wrong here.

Obviously it’s a pre-packaged burger that was warmed up at the stadium. We can tell this from the ingredients list on the wrapper, with the one of the only legible items being “Egg White Powder,” which is horrific in its own right. The only thing I can imagine is that this was left on a hot plate for about three hours before someone bought it, leading to the dry, crisp, burnt horror we see before us. Either that or someone made a joke about the price being 4.20 and said “blaze it,” before someone shot this thing with a flame thrower.

It should be noted that not all British soccer food is this bad. Heck, as much as I am terrified by the Leeds United burger, I’m equally in awe of this pie.

I just want to know if anyone actually ate the horrific charcoal burger, or if they wisely valued their health enough to leave it alone.