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John Daly II signs Hooters NIL deal in most predictable pairing in history

This was destined to happen.

Hooters has found its first college athlete to sign to a Names, Image and Likeness (NIL) deal, and it’s so appropriate it hurts.

John Daly II, who looks EXACTLY like his dad, is the first collegiate athlete brand ambassador for Hooters, and his dad is signing a deal too. The two-for-one Daly package deal will be promoting the name of Hooters, and the press release from the restaurant on the signing is hilarious beyond belief.

“John’s larger-than-life personality makes him an ideal representative of Hooters’ fun-loving spirit, while Little John will promote our brand to the next generation as one of the next big names in golf. We are ecstatic to have the Dalys, fantastic golfers and great personalities, on board as spokespeople for Hooters, the definitive 19th hole.”


Anyway, Daly II is thrilled by the deal too, as it’s apparently his favorite place to relax.

“Hooters is the ideal place for me to go and unwind after a long day on the course or in the classroom, so I am honored to be chosen as an ambassador for the iconic brand,” Daly II said. “I have seen my father’s great relationship with Hooters over the years, and I am proud to continue my family’s association with this iconic brand.”

It’s often said that life finds a way, but so do brands — and the Daly Boys repping Hooters is the most appropriate thing ever,