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Nick Chubb squatting 675 pounds defies belief

This hurts just to watch.

Nick Chubb is one of the NFL’s most bruising power backs, and in case you need a reminder that he’s a freak of nature, please enjoy this video of him squatting 565 pounds.

I’m certainly no expert on lifting, but I know enough that a running back squatting 675 is nuts — especially for a dude who’s 5’11, 227 pounds. Obviously he’s not a small guy, but keep in mind that world record holder Ray Orlando Williams for the squat is a 362 pound powerlifter. Pound-for-pound, Chubb is squatting 2.97 pounds per pound of bodyweight, and Williams’ world record is 2.98, so he’s more or less generating as much power as one of the strongest men in the history of the world.

So, good luck literally anyone who gets in the way of Nick Chubb, the human bowling ball who can squat two offensive linemen in a single lift while wearing sneakers.