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Terence Crawford’s daughter lost a shoe at the starting line, still smoked EVERYONE in sprint

Everyone got beaten, even with a six second head start.

This is one of the most incredible sporting achievements I’ve seen, regardless of event.

Everyone comes off the blocks at 0:08 into this clip, one second later the runner realizes her shoe fell off and returns to her starting position. It isn’t until 0:14 that she gets the shoe back on, and starts running. Keep in mind that this is a 200 meter race, so a six second head start is pretty damn significant — but it didn’t matter in the end. By the turn she’d caught up with the pack, then absolutely smoked everyone at the finish line like it was nothing.

Little is known about the video at this time outside of it purporting to be a clip of Terence Crawford’s daughter. Whether it’s actually the daughter of the WBA welterweight champion of not doesn’t really diminish this, because even in youth sports it’s absolutely ridiculous.