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The earliest red card ever given should’ve been a yellow

But like most ‘Weird Rules’ it all came down to a referee's discretion. Disgusting.

The delivery of a red card from referee to player may be the most insulting recurring image in sports. We have grown used to seeing the penalty being administered: arm cutting straight through the air presenting a devilish color to a player whose day immediately falls in shambles. Often though, we have witnessed an act that allows us to feel as though this punishment is deserved.

But what if you saw the red card and had no opportunity to comprehend the foul committed? What if you saw a player bend over in physical pain, to which the response from the official was a sending-off? I know I’d be confused. I also know I am often confused, so I’m a poor barometer.

If you know the name Lee Todd, then you know this story. It is my belief that he received a harsh sentence for an act that at worst represents a very natural, albeit mildly rude, response. At best, it’s hilarious. Trust me. Check out the latest episode of Weird Rules and I think you’ll agree.