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The rarest play in football and the confusing rule behind it

The NFL still has never seen a one-point safety.

The one-point safety is the unicorn of American football’s scoring system. It’s the only way to score a single point at a time, it’s only happened a few times in college football but never in the NFL, and it’s worth thinking about ad nauseam because it’s just so god damn weird.

One could argue that due to just how weird it is, the NFL took the most extreme option for avoiding it: they used their rulebook to make it nearly impossible to play out. However, seeing how riled up everybody got once it played out a few times in college football, the NFL wised up and adjusted its rules. Does that mean we’ll see it finally sometime soon? God no. Do you think they want us to see cool things? I don’t know if I can say this here, but “lol.”

Join us in this episode of Weird Rules to explore how this play happens, the lucky referee who got to most recently call it, and why it’ll continue to be so hard to pull off in the NFL.