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Texas A&M was dissed and ditched by a 5-star RB recruit after Appalachian State loss

As if the Aggies’ week couldn’t get any worse.

Five-star Louisville commit at running back and Texas native Rueben Owens is one of the most sought after recruits in America. The No. 1 ranked running back in the country had a visit to Texas A&M lined up, and then the Aggies got their butts handed to them on a silver platter by Appalachian State.

Owens was more than likely watching that game, and after the loss when Aggie Report posted on their Instagram that Owens was visiting, he had to clear the air:

First of all, LOL. Simply, LOL. This feels like the moment in NCAA 14 Dynasty mode where you have recruits that you want to visit the university, but then you sim a bit and you lose to New Mexico State and they no longer want to visit.

The second funniest part of this is Owens sharing the Aggie Report post to his own Instagram story and simply saying, “I’m not going no more.” No “please respect my decision”, none of that. You want respect? Run a better offense.

Of course the larger issue is A&M potentially missing out on a chance to sway the top back in the country because they couldn’t make it past midfield offensively. This should lay on the head coach, but Jimbo Fisher’s contract might literally be written in steel so his seat is ice cold.

Maybe Owens could visit Appalachian State, considering both Owens and the Mountaineers both are good at avoiding Aggies.