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Refs skipped a Washington State second down and reversed time to fix their mistake

 Nobody knows what the heck happened in the Washington State-Oregon game

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Conference Championship-Oregon vs Utah Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So let’s set the scene:

Washington State QB Cameron Ward threw the ball out of bounds while in the pocket and nobody was in the vicinity on first down. Textbook intentional grounding and loss of down.

(/Lee Corso voice) NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND! The referees officiating the game called it THIRD DOWN, instead of second down. Which meant that Washington State ran a draw then punted to Oregon, giving the Ducks the ball.

HOWEVER, after the Cougars punted to Oregon, the referees during the commercial break explained that they messed up in making it fourth down instead of third. So, Washington State got to redo the down they didn’t get, on third and 17. They punted soon after.

Fox Sports’ Mike Pereira explained that refs will forget the down and make a mistake lie this one. In the event that referees make a mistake such as this, they can go back and redo the down they skipped over as long as the opposing team does not begin their next drive. Thus, referees reviewed it and gave the ball back.

The whole ordeal had may people confused, however:

In case you’re wondering, yes weed is legal in Washington. No, we cannot confirm if the refs smoked before the game.