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Popeyes meme kid is now Popeyes NIL adult

Dieunerst Collin, the Popeyes meme kid, finally gets that bread

The internet, and social media in particular, can be a harsh and brutal place.

But every once in a while something good happens as a result of those parts of daily life.

This story is one such example.

Earlier this week we told you the story of Dieunerst Collin. Collin is currently a freshman offensive lineman at Lake Erie College, a Division II program in Painesville, Ohio. In his final high school football season, Collin was a First Team All-Conference, All-County, and All-Division selection in just his one year as a letter-winner. He helped East Orange High School win a state championship as well.

But before state titles, and All-Conference selections, and college enrollment, Collin was the “Popeyes meme kid.” In 2013, a video went viral on Vine of a young boy in line at a Popeyes, reacting with some side-eye as a stranger filmed him in line. You have probably seen the video thousands of times, if not more, as it lives on as a meme as well as a reaction gif on all corners of the internet.

That was Collin.

Over the weekend Jim Weber, a self-professed college football fanatic, brought Collin’s story to light, and questioned when Popeyes was going to sign Collin to an NIL deal. For his part, Collin was asking similar questions on social media.

That day has arrived.

That’s right, the internet worked for good in this case, as Collin now has an NIL deal with Popeyes:

The young offensive lineman took to social media to thank everyone for helping this day come true:

See? Sometimes spending too much time on Twitter is a good thing.