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The 49ers gave Pete Carroll his first-ever playoff loss after leading at halftime

Seattle took a 17-16 lead over San Francisco into halftime on Super Wild Card Weekend, and then lost 41-23.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks took a 17-16 lead into halftime against the San Francisco 49ers in the opening game of Wild Card Weekend. The back-and-forth first half saw the Niners take a 10-0 lead before the Seahawks got on the board with a Kenneth Walker rushing touchdown and took the lead later when Geno Smith hit DK Metcalf for a 50-yard score.

Late in the second half, San Fransisco squibbed the kickoff with just 13 seconds left in the game. A 14-yard return and a late hit on Smith with just one second left put Seattle in position to kick a field goal and take the lead as the teams went to the locker rooms.

Given Pete Carroll’s playoff history, the Seahawks were in a great position to play on in the postseason:

But they won’t. The Seahawks were outscored 25-6 in the second half and fell to the Niners with a final score of 41-23.

Carroll’s impressive run in the postseason had started back in 1997 as the head coach of the New England Patriots and continues through his Super Bowls seasons with the Seahawks

  • 1997 Wild Card game: Patriots led the Miami Dolphins 7-0 at half, won 17-3
  • 2011 Wild Card game: Seahawks led the New Orleans Saints 24-20 at half, won 41-36
  • 2014 Divisional game: Seattle led New Orleans 16-0 at half, won 23-15
  • 2015 Divisional game: Seahawks led the Carolina Panthers 14-10 at half, won 31-17
  • 2017 Wild Card game: Seattle led the Detroit Lions 10-3 at half, won 26-6
  • 2019 Wild Card game: Seahawks led the Philadelphia Eagles 10-3 at half, won 17-9

Despite being underdogs going into the game, Seattle played a clean first half with no penalties or turnovers to take the lead. Unfortunately for Carroll, the Niners turned it on in the second half and ruined his chance at a 7-0 record when leading at the half of a postseason game.