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LeBron James has been playing so long he is now dominating against his former foes’ children

Jabari Smith Jr. made LeBron James feel “extremely old” by pointing out that the Lakers legend made his debut against his dad, but it’s not the first time he’s played against a former opponent’s son.

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Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

If you were to make a sequel to the LeBron James Superbowl commercial where the current LeBron is talking to teenage LeBron, I am sure teenage LeBron would have looked at older LeBron like he lost his mind if he told him an opponent would say to him this in 2023.

Jabari Smith Jr.: "You played against my dad in your first NBA game."

LeBron James: "Why you do that to me?"

It was all smiles from LeBron as Jabari Smith Jr. told James about this fun fact as the Houston Rockets took on the Los Angles Lakers at Staples Center (sorry, arena, lol) on Monday night. LeBron would score a season-high 48 points as the Lakers ended their losing streak with a 140-132 win. Afterward, James said the moment made him feel “extremely old.”

But last night only added to the ever-growing list of fathers and sons LeBron has played against in his career. The number is now up to eight after Monday night's Lakers and Rockets games.

Here are all the fathers and sons LeBron has played against over the years, starting with the first time he faced the fathers and his recent matchups vs. their sons.

Rick Brunson and Jalen Brunson

Rick in 2003, and Jalen in 2022.

Adrian Griffin and AJ Griffin

Adrian in 2004, and AJ in 2023.

Kenyon Martin and KJ Martin Jr.

Kenyon Martin in 2004, and KJ Martin Jr. in 2023.

Gary Payton and Gary Payton II

Gary in 2004, Gary II in 2022.

LeBron also missed being teammates with GP2 on the Lakers by one season.

Glen Robinson and Glen Robinson II

Glen in 2003, Glen II in 2020.

Samaki Walker & Jabari Walker

Samaki in 2004, and Jabari in 2022.

Gary Trent & Gary Trent Jr.

Gary in 2003, Gary Jr. in 2022.

Jabari Smith Sr. and Jabari Smith Jr.

Jabari Sr. in 2004, and Jabari Jr. in 2023.

A quick note on Jabari Smith Sr vs. LeBron. LeBron's first-ever game was against the Sacramento Kings, and Smith Sr. was on that team, as his son referenced on Monday. However, I dont have that date listed here because Smith Sr. was a DNP that night.

That spans 20 years and eight different times LeBron has played against a father and their son. But, if you look even deeper, there are some other interesting facts about LeBron's long Hall of Fame career.

LeBron has played against Bronny's former high school teammate Ziaire Williams. He has played with both Shannon Brown and his younger brother Sterling Brown. He just played against Stephen Silas and the Rockets, and his first coach was the late Paul Silas in Clevland.

With Bronny projected to be eligible for the NBA draft in 2024, LeBron and Bronny could become the first father and son to play in the NBA at the same time. James has said he wants to make this happen, and while he still has multiple years left on his contract, he could opt out in the summer of 2024 to team up with his son.

LeBron is closing in on the all-time scoring record, has played against numerous fathers and sons, and still has a chance to team up with his son soon. I am sure if they ever do a part two of LeBron's Superbowl commercial, he will have plenty more to share with his teenage self.