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Absolute bloody legend holds up Outback Steakhouse flag at Southern Miss ‘international night’

No rules, just right.

It was international night at Southern Mississippi University on Thursday night, and among the celebration of nations on the court was one student who didn’t so much represent a nation, as much as a way of life.

As an Australian expat, I have a complicated relationship with Outback Steakhouse. On the one hand their menu is borderline offensive. It’s not like I’m going to clutch pearls over the term “Alice Springs Chicken,” and how hilarious that is as a comcept — but I would expect that at the bare minimum a restaurant which grills anything and wants to be Aussie themed would have some damn lamb on the menu.

On the other hand, I am a huge fan of any place that can give me a steak and a loaded baked potato for under $15. Life is all about balance.

Now, I have some questions specifically to the Outback Steakhouse flag holder. I need to know if he’s Australian and this was a joke. If so, I need to know how an Aussie ended up at Southern Miss, because lord knows I have experience with the difficulties of selecting a college from around the globe.

Perhaps most importantly, I need to know his go-to order at Outback. For what it’s worth mine is a 12 oz Ribeye, medium rare — a Caesar Salad and a loaded baked potato. Also, if it’s one of the rare Outbacks that still has Coopers Pale Ale on their beer menu I’ll get one, just because it’s often the most authentically Australian thing on the menu.