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Eagles-Niners fight ends in ejections after Trent Williams throws K’Von Wallace

The NFC Championship between the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers wasn’t much of a contest. Niners QB Brock Purdy was injured on the second play of the game and the Niners’ offensive issues spiraled from there, with Philadelphia opening up a huge lead.

Frustrations began to boil over on the San Francisco side, naturally, leading to a skirmish in the fourth quarter.

Niners WR Deebo Samuel got into a skirmish with the Eagles defense near the end of a run, and pushing and shoving began between the two teams. Eagles DB K’Von Wallace wouldn’t let go of Samuel, even when Niners offensive lineman Aaron Banks attempted to dislodge him.

That’s when Niners offensive lineman Trent Williams entered the battle.

For my gaming fans out there, this is like when you encounter the bosses in Elden Ring. There’s no escape, no survival, all that’s left to do is accept death with open arms and try to adjust when you respawn.

Trent Williams had enough of Wallace, so he simply threw him through the Earth’s crust.

I mean, yeesh. Williams did him like a Super Smash Bros character, tossing him into the ground with enough force to break every bone in my body like a Mortal Kombat brutality. The Niners were playing frustrated the entire game, from not being able to establish a rhythm on offense with their QB out to multiple penalties that were uncharacteristic of the 49ers.

Both Wallace and Williams were subsequently ejected from the game, and the Eagles cruised to the NFC championship game victory. It’s unsure whether Williams and Wallace will be suspended for this game but this fight was over as soon as Williams entered the ring. Williams made sure of that, rather emphatically.