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Travis and Jason Kelce set to make history meeting in Super Bowl LVII

The Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and Eagles’ Jason Kelce will become the first sibling players to face each other in a Super Bowl.

Los Angeles Rams v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images

On Sunday afternoon, we were treated to commercials for a movie featuring two brothers, one in red clothing and the other in green, and were promised a release date of April 7. It turns out we do not have to wait that long to witness an epic brother matchup that rivals anything Hollywood can script.

Feb. 12 will see Super Bowl LVII played in Glendale, Arizona, and when the proverbial toe meets the ball we’ll be treated to two brothers facing off against one another in the biggest of big games the professional football has to offer.

With the Philadelphia Eagles winning the NFC Championship and the Kansas City Chiefs taking the AFC title we are assured of a clash between a superior version of Mario and Luigi in Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce. Yep, Super Bowl LVII is going to be the Kelce Bros. Bowl.

The Kelce Bros. may moonlight as podcast hosts but they are also both very good football players who both already have a Super Bowl title each ... which surely makes for fun conversations at the family dinner, headed by Momma Kelce of course. She is in for quite an exciting two weeks.

As noted, this is indeed the first time that two brothers will face off in the Super Bowl, but doing so as players. There have been some smaller circumstances where this occurred before, however, and we all remember the Harbaugh Bowl where head coach brothers John and Jim faced off in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII. That matchup was a decade ago and we still don’t know how Beyonce took the lights out. If you don’t recall, John’s Ravens beat Jim’s 49ers in that game.

For what it is worth, each Kelce plays on offense for his respective team so it is not like we will truly get to see them match up “against” one another, but there will likely of course be some gamesmanship played between the two and their teammates regarding any potential advantage that can be obtained. There’ll no doubt be some championship-worthy trash-talking between the two bros, as well. Beyond what they know about one another, they both have a fair amount of knowledge on Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, seeing as how he is both of their “football father” having been the head coach of the team that drafted each of them when they were brought into the NFL.

Bring on the Kelce Bowl. We all deserve it.