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HS team abandons basketball season after 23-year-old coach caught pretending to be 13

The coach has been fired and the season abandoned.

Churchland High School in Virginia has abandoned its girls basketball season leaving parents bewildered and a coach fired. This comes after the revelation over the weekend that 23-year-old coach Arlisha Boykins pretended to be a 13-year-old on the team and suited up for Churchland.

One of Churchland’s players wasn’t available for the team’s matchup with Nasemond River — as she was away for a club basketball tournament. So, instead of completing a player down, or leaning more on the bench, Boykins suited up to stunt on actual children and hoped nobody would notice.

They did.

It’s unclear how word got out, but obviously players on the team were aware they were competing alongside their coach. After Boykins’ actions were revealed the school fired her, with parents and players electing to abandon the remainder of the season rather than play on under the specter of the incident.

Naturally there’s been no statement from Boykins on the incident. It leaves us wondering “why?” “how?” and most importantly “How did it feel to flex on children after hitting an off-balance layup?”

It’s nice to know that in 2023 it’s still less about what’s right or wrong, and what you can get away with.