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Vikings keg stand celebration is new twist on touchdown dance

Team celebrations are the best

Look, there hasn’t been much to get excited about in the Vikings-Raiders game. It was the second game of the NFL slate to end the first half 0-0, and the first time since 1988 that multiple games in a week have been 0-0 at halftime. Both defense are playing absolutely inspired football, and when you play amazing football you get to pull off awesome celebrations like the Vikings did.

After a WR Hunter Renfrow fumble that was picked up by rookie DB Mekhi Blackmon, the Vikings went to celebrate in only a way a Midwesterner can: a keg stand.

Everyone here deserves major props, from Pace being the stand to everyone else coming in and lifting Blackmon’s legs up. However, the best part about this celebration is defender Josh Metellus grabbing a cup himself and then walking around like he was drunk for the duration of the celebration. Incredible method acting on the fly.

I just wonder with these celebrations: are these planned before the game in the week of prep? Is this something that gets cooked up on the sidelines? Either way, the Vikings deserve a lot of credit for a celebration even a true Norse would be proud of.